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Freelance WordPress designer and front-end developer

What website services do I offer?

I specialise in developing easy to manage WordPress websites whether you’re looking to showcase your business services, create or add a blog, a membership site, or a photography and design portfolio. I believe you should be in control of the content on your website, so they’re all easy to edit and manage with no fear of creating a new page or changing images and training is provided. I can also provide one-off tweaks to existing websites or maintenance support and updates.

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What is WordPress?

WordPress is one of the most popular Content Management Systems as it’s so easy to use and there’s pretty much zero upfront costs. You just need hosting and a designer or developer like me. Using a CMS like WordPress allows you to change the content and imagery on your website with ease so you don’t have to ask a developer for any changes or amends.

WordPress uses ‘themes’ to give you the look and feel or functionality you want for your website. You can either purchase an off-the-shelf theme, or work with a developer and create a custom theme (like me). Off-the-shelf themes are a quick way to get started but sometimes it can mean spending a lot of time setting everything up, reading the instructions and some rather fiddly tinkering to get your site looking how you want.

I’m here to take the stress out of WordPress and design modern, beautiful websites that are easy to use and update, with everything you need and nothing you don’t. My websites are responsive across tablet and mobile devices, lightweight, fast-loading and secure, they also include SEO modules to get you found on Google (other search engines are available…). I can offer advice on best practice for usability and conversions, plus provide technical support or take care of content and image updates.

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Site planning and architecture is crucial to establish how large the site will be, how the pages will be linked and the simplest navigation options. From this we can create a scope so it’s easy to understand, we know what we’re looking to create and are all on the same page when it comes to the size of the project and expected outcomes.


The fun bit. If you already have a designer I can work with their files or I can provide the full design service for you. I specialise in clean, modern web design based on sound user experience so your users can find the information they need, showcase your brand and convert into paying customers. Learn more about my design services here

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I go away and develop the site from our static designs and test across different devices and make sure it works flawlessly across various screen sizes. I tend to use WordPress for my sites but I welcome all projects and am a capable front-end developer if you need to give a static or existing site a facelift or improve user experience.

Working with me

I run projects from start to finish from briefing, through design and development, to putting the site live. Working closely with you I can help generate initial ideas and site goals which allow us to outline the structure, pages and functionality you might need to create a website that works right from the word go. An added bonus is that I can deliver design and build the site so there’s no nasty surprises when the developer hands you the website and it doesn’t look quite like the lovely designs you got sent initially.

With over ten years experience in the field including six years senior level Agency experience in Brighton I have had the pleasure of producing work for clients all over the world including CERN, Rizla, The Guardian, Lexus and Amazon. In previous positions as Creative Director I have run a variety of design projects start to finish and can ensure that your website creation process runs smoothly.


Why use a freelancer?

Agencies tend to be more expensive… I can offer web design and development packages for a fraction of the price, plus you get to deal with the person that is actually going to be developing your website throughout every stage.