Website redesign and UX review for workplace solution software company Condeco

The Client

Condeco provide workplace meeting room and desk booking solutions, they have had to be reactive in their offering due to Covid and the new move to flexible working. I had the pleasure of working with Condeco and their development team to help redesign the structure and look and feel for their new product area.

The Project

The initial project scope was to review the current product offering and rework the content and solutions to fit with their new terminology of ‘personal’ or ‘meeting space’ booking. This involved working with copywriters and their product manager to redesign existing pages but also to create a new sitemap and hierarchy which clearly split out the product and it’s interfaces from other areas of the site. Due to its initial success refreshing the look and feel the project ended up expanding and lead to the design of various new areas such as an integrations marketplace, support portal and user experience improvements such as a navigation reshuffle and the addition of breadcrumbs.

My role also included creating illustrations for the simplified UI seen throughout the website and supporting graphics, diagrams and icons. I worked with the Condeco team and animators to bring these to life to help illustrate the software features.

View their website here