Branding, Design & Development

🦄 I’ve been called a unicorn because my skill set spans both design and development – something that’s apparently quite rare! Rest assured, I am very real. I understand that no project or team is the same, so I offer flexibility in how we work together. Whether you need assistance with a specific one-off project or are looking for a long-term extension of your team, I’m here to help. My services cover everything from logo creation and branding to website planning and development.

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Make the right first impression. Every business needs a brand, a logo, or a mark that represents who they are and what they do. This identity needs to stand out and be immediately recognisable whilst fitting the intended audience and industry. A standard brand identity package normally contains logo files, fonts, colour palettes and a brand style guide to help you with application.

  • Logo Design
  • Rebranding / Brand development
  • Style Guides
  • Social Media Design

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Make the best use of your brand across all media channels, no matter where you might be seen. Create beautiful, consistent assets for print materials, social media or your website. Make sure everything you create looks and feels like your brand so your audience want to engage. I provide design services for online and traditional media (print).

  • Web Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Print Materials
  • Advertisement or Social Media Design

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I create modern, easy to use responsive, lightweight websites. Whether you already have designs for a website and only need development, or you’re looking for someone that can deliver the whole process, I can ensure your web designs are implemented flawlessly across all devices. Most of my sites tend to be WordPress and are custom themes so they’re easy to edit and clients feel confident making edits to content and imagery themselves, however I can also help with any further changes or updates.

  • Frontend Development
  • WordPress Development
  • Bespoke WordPress Theme Development
  • Website re-skinning

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How do I charge?

I can work either on a day rate or on a per-project fee which is costed on a time and effort basis. Please get in touch for my current day rate or if you would like a quote for a project