Website design and UX for global worktech company Eptura

The Client and Project

Eptura are a global worktech company that provides software solutions for workplaces, people, and assets. Eptura were merging nine different companies under one name to offer a full workplace management solution and had been through a lengthy branding process to create their beautiful new logo and assets. I had the pleasure of working with some of the team on a previous project so was drafted in to work on the design side of launching their new website.

The Challenge

The initial project scope was to work with the new brand that had been created and apply to the digital landscape in an easy to navigate, showcase website that explained their products and workspace solutions. Eptura brings together nine companies and products so the amount of information and visualising the solutions was challenging. This involved working with copywriters, product managers and developers to create a design system with clear reusable blocks and visual styles so content creation and design and dev could run almost in tandem.

The Solution

As often seems the case, the run up to launch was short so in order to deliver a full site with as many products as Eptura so the project ran in two phases.

First phase was to produce a beautiful site that gave an overview of Eptura and their values, signpost the products under the umbrella brand, get users to register their interest and generate traffic and engagement for the new company and site. We focused on pinning down a visual system creating a fluid grid with different mechanisms and blocks for mobile and desktop to reduce the content and imagery for smaller devices to make the site content more manageable.

The next phase was to create the full product area and visualise the full feature suite which was split into Workplace and Assets where my role also included creating the simplified UI seen throughout the product features areas.

View the live site

UI Design

I lead the design creation and roll out of a simplified UI style which would accompany each product feature throughout the site. Working with Eptura’s Product Leads from each company to ensure accurate visual representation of each service and presenting back to the team.