Website design and UX for Sentai, the digital care solution that helps care providers enhance and extend their services using smart, in-home technology

The Client and Project

Sentai, a tech-savvy provider of software solutions for the care industry, offers a voice-enabled Alexa-integrated smart voice companion.

Their goal is to simplify and enhance care by giving visibility to patient needs and wellbeing. I was thrilled to collaborate with their team to refresh their brand and redevelop the design and direction of their website.

The Challenge

Relaunch Sentai as a modern, cutting-edge, yet trustworthy care solution through their branding and website

Sentai’s website needed a digital makeover, so they approached me for UX and design expertise. They were also refining their messaging and positioning to better connect with care organizations. Initially, we discussed a simple reskin of their current site, but as the project evolved, it became clear that a fresh rebuild was the way to go. They needed not only an improved website but also an update to some of their core brand elements. So, we embarked on a quick turnaround to revamp their logo, expand their colour palette, and modernise their brand.

The Solution

After breathing new life into Sentai’s brand assets, I designed a visually striking new website to modernise their online presence and support their new business direction.

Sentai felt their previous site didn’t do justice to their advanced technology and software. The focus was on updating the website with a clean, striking approach. We moved away from the old orange and muted tones to a more vibrant orange that grabs attention and provides contrast. The logo was transformed from block letters to a more elegant form with a block serif.

The goal was to communicate the system visually in the simplest and most human form possible. Users, particularly those seeking care solutions, need to understand exactly what the service offers and how it delivers. I designed simple callouts and icons, combined with photography, to illustrate the different types of communication Sentai can provide to caregivers and care receivers in various scenarios.

I also worked closely with Sentai’s developers to launch the site, ensuring that the designs were faithfully translated into the final product.

It was a pleasure working with Lynda and the Sentai team. Their passion and knowledge in the industry were inspiring, and I am grateful to have played a part in their mission to improve care at home.

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“Sofi works as part of your team and adds creative value to any brief. The work produced is always of a high standard and delivered on time and on budget. A pleasure to work with.”

Lynda – Sentai