Discount Code for Freeagent Accounting Software

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Get 10% off Freeagent by using this code at check out 46apdtn0 Or you can just click here and go straight there Recently signed up with Freeagent as was super tired of checking my spreadsheets for errors and thought it might make my accountant’s life easier. So far, so good! It’s super easy to set up… Read more »

How to stop your mighty mouse disconnecting all the time

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Mighty Mouse disconnecting all the time? Nightmare. I recently had this and had gone through a whole lot of batteries thinking I’d bought a dud pack, and then another pack didn’t work…and another. Turns out the end of batteries are different sizes and the Mighty Mouse likes big ended ones. BUT – Don’t throw your batteries… Read more »

So tonight the cavern caught fire

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So tonight the Cavern caught fire. And I saw it unfold, I know that I’ve had many amazing years at the Cavern and I’m sure many people coming from, or that have ever lived in Exeter have had incredible memories from the best alternative club and bar in Exeter. In the upcoming days/weeks/months they’re going… Read more »