Web Design and Development Process

Discovery, research and planning

First we work together to establish the main goal(s) of the site and a list of areas that would be required in order to achieve this. This will inform what pages we might need and give us a more solid idea of the structure and content we might need and how navigation will work – this stage will be presented for review, iteration and approval through sitemaps and wireframe visuals.

Once we’ve established the site content and structure we run through a discovery phase for design which might include mood boards to uncover what styles and inspiration should be followed when developing the website look and feel.

It’s then up to you (the client or your team) to collate any content such as copy and imagery required for each of the pages outlined in the research and planning process, I’ll send you a list of things I need to make it as easy as possible.



Once the new website structure and direction is agreed on, we’ll progress into high-fidelity design that shows exactly how each page or area of the website will look. Initially I like to create a set of design options for an example home page for review as this is the main ‘spring-board’ page of the site.

Based on your feedback we iterate until we have a concrete final design for the home page, we then roll out that design style to other areas of the site.

Once all areas and templates are designed, we review and make any final changes in this stage before signing off and beginning development.



After design sign-off I go away and develop the website on WordPress CMS in line with the agreed designs. The development stage is where we build your working website, at this point you can sit back and relax while we get on with the work!


Sign-off, launch and training

When the initial build is complete I will provide you with a preview link to test and review the site on a staging server. It’s at this point that any additional content can be added.

To walk you through the website and provide training on editing the site we organise a video call where I can share my screen to walk you through everything. If you require onsite or in person training please let me know.

When you’re happy with your new site, we’ll move it to your hosting and add any tracking that might be required (I can help with setting this up for you)

Sign off and enjoy your new website!

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