CamProp and GCRPE

Working alongside Ignite to develop their designs for a property development group into easy to edit, custom theme WordPress websites.

The client

The client in this case was an Agency, I worked alongside Ignite who were delivering three websites for a luxury property development group. The property group was familiar with WordPress but had found it previously complicated to edit so I created custom templates with drag and drop, flexible content areas that would allow me and the client to build pages themselves.

The project

There were three sites to be built; GCR Private Equity, CamProp and CamProp Construction.

One of the project requirements across all was that each development site had the potential to look and feel different or have its own ‘brand’. Not not all of the sites were ready or branded yet, so we needed the ability to easily add on and build additional projects. One of my favourite things is coming up with solutions that hopefully save everyone time and allow a site to be more flexible which saves development time in the future. So, I developed a template system where I could build a project using blocks and then change core template elements such as background and text colours, header and footers easily from within the WordPress project page.

Examples of the different kinds of project we could create under one site:

Grafton House 

Barton Road

Mill House

Full credit to the guys at Ignite for producing such stunning designs but it was a pleasure to build and all three sites launched on time in a staggered process.