AphA - Association of professional healthcare analysts

Membership website design and development for NHS Analysts

The Project

The Association of professional healthcare analysts (aka AphA) are an NHS organisation raising the profile of healthcare analysts and providing a professional support network via an online membership. They were finding their website particularly difficult to use and understand, both from a membership and usability point of view. Information was getting lost and users weren’t sure where to look for events or to get their membership benefits. I worked with AphA to reshape their membership site and knowledge base with various new areas and tools.

Planning, Design and Development

We reviewed the current site and identified what users were finding difficult and what stakeholders and board members wanted to see and prioritise. This lead to developing a whole new site structure that put membership at the forefront and collated and reorganised their current areas in order to make them easier to navigate.

The front page of the site clearly explains AphA, their aim as an organisation and its membership benefits while encouraging sign ups using clear page sections and call to actions.

Previously the AphA website had separate areas for news, blog, event and knowledge articles, we created the ‘AphA hub’ which organised these subjects into easy to browse areas.

We hooked up the events area with the EventBrite API so events automatically update and members can now book tickets directly from the site. Alongside this we developed a new branches area so users are able to view news, events and documents specific to their branch and region. This area also provides bios and contact information for branch leads and any other key contacts they might need.