The Freelance Circle

Creating an anonymous Agency review platform for freelancers

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The Brief

The Freelance Circle is the brain child of Casey Bird, president of SheSays London. It was her vision to create a platform where freelancers could review and feedback on the Agencies they’ve worked for.

As a freelancer herself she had witnessed the pros and cons from both a Freelance and Agency point of view. Casey wanted to create a platform that would benefit both parties and help make the freelance world a more reliable and efficient place.

The Project

Firstly we focused on her brand and creating a vibrant identity that would resonate with her varied audience of both freelancers and agencies. I then worked closely with Casey to fully realise her idea from a couple of rough wireframe sketches she had drawn out.

We designed and developed the site to include agency search and categorisation, a review system where freelancers can anonymously leave star ratings for various questions such as ‘Were you paid on time’, ‘was the briefing clear and concise?’ and also leave further feedback to be passed onto the agency.

The F/C lets freelancers anonymously feedback on agencies as well as make more informed decisions on potential future jobs.

It even works for agencies – Agencies will get the info they need to improve their freelance programme, saving time and money, and giving them a smoother process and better work.

The overall goal; to make the freelance world a more reliable and efficient place.

“Sofi helped bring to life my venture The Freelance Circle in 2017. I’ve worked and met many web designers in my time and she’s by far one of the best. She filled me with confidence, got the job done to the best standard and went above and beyond to guide me through the WordPress navigation afterwards as well as answer any additional thoughts I had.”

Casey Bird