Creating and managing WordPress menus

Your wordpress site will most probably have a navigation menu and/or a menu of links in the footer. This will most probably be managed by the ‘Menus’ area in WordPress.

To edit or create your menus login to you website and head to Appearance > Menus. You can then select which menu you wish to edit from the dropdown or click ‘Create new’ to start from scratch.

You can then add and rearrange items in the menu using drag and drop. To add an item to your menu, select it from the lefthand side by either looking at most recent, or searching. Once you’ve added an item you can also edit its display title by clicking the arrow next to it and amending the Navigation label.

Add menu items

Make sure to select where you’d like your menu to appear by setting its location and remember to save!

More information on menus can be found here: