Exeter website and WordPress maintenance

Wordpress maintenance

The websites I build use WordPress primarily, this means I spend a lot of time with the system and have plenty of experience with how it works and keeping it running smoothly.

Keeping your WordPress website up to date means it’s always performing at it’s best and that you benefit from the regular security updates.

I provide maintenance and upgrade services for both WordPress Core and Plugins. I can also provide a backup of your site etc should anything need to be rolled back or if the update sends things a bit out of whack.

Maintenance Packages

I can provide a monthly maintenance package so you know your site is always up to date, or if you’re looking for a one off update to get things back in order I can run a one off report and update

What you’ll get:

  • Report of what was updated
  • Status update of WordPress and plugins
  • Any system recommendations that might improve the setup (optional)
  • Piece of mind knowing everything is running smoothly and your site is secure

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