Improve your online presence

Make your website work harder for you

Websites are now common place, everyone can have one. The trick is, how do you know that yours is working for your business? It seems a lot of companies have a website for the sake of having website, but they’re not sure what’s working and what’s not. All they know is they get some enquiries and the occasional sale.

Making your website work harder for your company is relatively easy to do – and even a couple of hours spent reviewing how it performs on desktop, tablet and mobile can drastically improve your conversion rates and website performance.

How does a UX review work

I spend a couple of hours testing your website on both Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Devices for speed, layout, design, content and functionality and then make recommendations on improvements based on a number of factors.

Severity ratings: This works by ranking each point from 1 – 4. 1 being an aesthetic problem with a low level priority of fixing – through to 4 which is a serious issue and imperative to fix.

Quick and dirty: I also rate each point by how easy they are for you to achieve or fix. This could be based on whether it’s just speaking to your hosting provider, compressing or changing images, moving content, applying SEO content practises or design and development changes or tweaks.

Analytics referencing: If you have any form of visitor tracking on your site we can also analyse and asses where your customers are going, where they’re dropping off and at what point in order to combat bounce rates and users simply, wandering off.

Contact me about a review

I’ll provide you with a full report document on your current site and realistic, actionable points to improve your website.

I also provide website design and development services for Start-ups, SME’s and Agencies.

Email me at to have a friendly chat about a review – or just get in touch to find out more.