How to stop your mighty mouse disconnecting all the time

Mighty Mouse disconnecting all the time? Nightmare.

I recently had this and had gone through a whole lot of batteries thinking I’d bought a dud pack, and then another pack didn’t work…and another. Turns out the end of batteries are different sizes and the Mighty Mouse likes big ended ones. BUT – Don’t throw your batteries out yet.

All you need to do is add something to the battery compartment so when the mouse is in use, the batteries stay in their chamber properly. Do the following:

  1. Get a bit of paper or post-it note
  2. Fold it over a couple of times to make a small square
  3. Open Mighty Mouse battery compartment
  4. Lay paper square flat on top of the batteries to push them down into the chamber
  5. Close battery compartment….and HOPEFULLY all your Mighty Mouse problems are fixed.





This was the bane of my life for a good couple of weeks clicking around like a mad woman trying to reconnect – so hopefully this ridiculously simple hack will help someone else.

(I accept no responsibility for exploding mice)